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Wealth Management
We treat our clients, whether individual, small business or corporate, with a conservative, multidisciplinary approach.

We believe that each of our clients have concerns specific to their particular situation.  Our expertise is counseling our clients in the areas that matter to them most in the strictest of confidence.  

We believe that our clients stay with us because we take the time to listen, to learn and to teach.  We don't believe that there is only one way to meet the needs of our clientele. We have found that all too often problems have been created in order to promote a particular product as a "solution".  In today's world we have enough problems as it is!  


  • Listen.
  • Learn.
  • Teach.
  • Plan.
  • Review.

The Crucible Financial Group

434 Orchard Drive NE
Rockford, MI 49341
616-318-3671 office.